Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fighting Shape

At the beginning of January, Doc and I were driving home from Four Sisters Farm, talking about the coming year. We both had the feeling that we were on the brink of change. Neither of us knew what that change was, but something had to change. We were both discontent with our daily lives. Christmas had been an awesome experience in taking the focus off of ourselves and helping others. We wanted our lives to look more like that.

We felt like when the time was right, God would open the doors of opportunity, but what would we do in the mean time?? We decided that we had better get prepared. Sounds crazy, I know, preparing for the unknown. Where does one start? We didn't know either, so we decided to just get our ducks in a row in general. We made a list of things to accomplish in the coming year...get healthier, get passports for the kids, make sure everyone's immunizations are up to date, clean out the mass of stuff that was invading our home and stealing our time, paying off our car, etc.  Along with that, I decided to begin reading through the Bible. I never just read it all the way through and spend more time praying. We wanted to get ourselves and our family ready for whatever was coming our way!

I'm so thankful that God put that desire in our hearts. He knows what the future holds even before we do. We recently spent a week getting our home ready for the appraiser to come appraise our house for a refinance that will save us mucho money in the long run! (Gotta love the low rates, right now!) Although it has been a lot of work, I'm so glad that back in January, I started cleaning out! I'm seeing how this life journey seems to be building upon itself. One thing prepares us for the next, which prepares us for the next... The clean out has made us lighter, free of some of that stuff that was so overwhelming in our home. It is helping us get in "fighting shape" so to speak...lighter and faster. It has put us in good shape for an upcoming adventure. My Creator knows that deadlines are a good thing for my personality! I am thanking God for planting that seed in our hearts last winter! It reminds me of a verse...

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9