Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello Monday {Embracing Change}

Hello starting school in July. Hello working ahead so that we could take off three weeks in September when we will be saying...

Hello to moving back to Indiana for a year or two.

Hello Doc going back into private practice at a dear friend's practice {after doing geriatrics for 3 years} to regain his skills in order to prepare himself for medical missions work down the road.

Hello sorting, packing and regaining simplicity by only taking what we will need and absolutely love.

Hello downsizing into a house with happy yellow walls and a desk in the kitchen. { Hello God...I know it was you who prepared everything to delight my heart and make the move easier!}

Hello thankfulness for an opportunity to spend some precious time getting to love on our friends {whom we call the family that we got to choose!}

Hello opportunity to have more coffee dates with this handsome and funny fellow...

Hello embracing a new chapter in life.

{I'm linking up with the amazing Lisa for her Hello Monday series.}


Grammy said...

So I have been mostly in my Scarlett O'Hara mode about the move (I'll think about that tomorrow.)

But really, I am excited to see what God does through this time...I have ZERO doubt that God has moved and orchestrated things to take you to Indiana for a season.

I am grateful to God that you and your Unconventional Doctor husband have hearts for the Lord and are following His leading.

deborah said...

Blessings on your move!

Enjoy the simplicity of having only what you need or love. I like this rule for governing what you own.

Hopping by from Lisa's!

W and J said...

Gosh! Can't believe it's happening already!! Love that you're doing "Hello Monday"...I should totally do this!! :)

Anna said...

Hey! I came across your blog from instagram (clicked on your link from the Pleated Poppy) - and I was so surprised to see you're moving to Indiana! :D I'm in the Indianapolis area. :) We homeschool, too - part-time. Our son goes to a private school 2 days a week and we homeschool the other 3. (like the Pleated Poppy's kids, actually!)

nice to come upon you! :)

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