Friday, August 10, 2012

Whatever Craft Weekend: Friday

There is so much to say about Whatever Craft Weekend...I almost don't know where to start. I guess the easiest thing to do is start at the beginning!

A few months ago, I felt a leading to throw my name in the ring (via email) for the lottery for Meg's Craft Weekend in Newton. I figured if I got chosen, Newton is close by and it would be a great getaway and if the timing wasn't right, I'd just decline and they would move on to the next person on the list. I was shocked to receive an email saying my name had been chosen! We were  right in the midst of my husband negotiating a contract for a job in another state and I thought we would end up moving by the time August rolled around, but things worked out differently and we ended up with a later moving date! I was stoked to email my confirmation and write it on the calendar. 

{My husband said, "People fly to Kansas to go craft for a weekend in Newton??"}

I had been in contact with Jess on Instagram. When we found out that she and the three other women flying in from California would be on the same flight and would be getting in early, we cooked up a plan to squeeze in pedicures before the van picked them up from the airport to take them to Newton. 

I waited outside the baggage claim. Jess, Jenn, Lisa and Chrissie rolled out the door and into my heart! There were hugs all around and then we loaded up and headed to the nail salon to start our weekend off right!

Afterwards, I dropped them back off at the airport where Kerry was waiting to pick them up!

{I'm local so I drove my own car. In an ironic turn of events, I ended up stuck in road construction and was the last one there!}

When I got there, Meg greeted me with a hug! Kimberlee was there making dinner and everyone was milling around chatting and checking out Meg's awesome house! There was eye candy everywhere!!

I knew we were in for an awesome weekend when I saw the agenda written on Meg's famous chalkboard!

Meg showed me upstairs so that I could get settled into my room...

I got to room with Sally! She is another local gal and we got along great! She became a crafting queen over the course of the weekend!

Our room was perfect! (Lisa took this awesome photo!)

There were sweet banners from Cookie Mondays for each of us! 

We headed to the kitchen for dinner. Kimberlee's cooking is out of this world!! 

After dinner, we were off to the crafting room!

There was SWAG for everyone! (More about that later!)

Meg and Kimberlee have this crafting thing down to a science. Our every comfort was taken care of and our minds were free to create! It was really a wonderful experience.

Our first project was making a beautiful ruffled apron. Picking out fabrics from all the choices was tougher than it looked. 

The crafts were awesome, the company was sweet and uplifting, and the surroundings were comfortable and inspiring. It was nourishing to my soul!

Here's my finished product! 

By the way, if you love crafty crafts, please visit The Orange Bird. It is where my friend and I make and sell things to raise money to support causes that spread God's love in tangible ways around the world. 

To see more Craft Weekend fun, click here to read about Saturday and here to read about Sunday!!


Grammy said...

So glad you got to go, DW!! I just knew it would bless you!

W and J said...

Yay yay yay!! It was SUCH a wonderful weekend and i LOVED LOVED LOVED getting to hang out with you!!! Miss you so much!

meg duerksen said...

it was so great to meet you!!! i am so glad you were there. your pics are awesome. craft weekend is my fave!!!

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