Friday, September 7, 2012

New Friends {Worlds Colliding} & A Giveaway

A wonderful part of life's journey, lately, has been the opportunity to meet new friends! I got to meet Lisa Leonard, in person, at the Whatever Craft Weekend and I "met" Kristi from Barn Owl Primitives when she emailed me and Birdie about including our Orange Bird Sweet Owl Wallet in her Favorite Things Giveaway! Now, worlds are colliding {I love it when that happens} and Lisa is giving away one of Kristi's "Be Real" canvases that Target picked up and is now selling!

{Photo Credit to Lisa Leonard}
 {WOW! Target!! Kristi is famous!!}

I just love these gals! Please go over and read Lisa's post and enter for a chance to win the canvas print! It is soo cute and has such a great message! Have a blessed weekend!!


W and J said...

So COOL! :)

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