Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sharing Something Cool!

My friend, Lisa Leonard, whom I was blessed to meet at The Whatever Craft Weekend, has an amazing online jewelry business and now she is embarking on a new project! It is a reality TV show featuring her family! I love how her faith is interwoven in all she does. Her family shines with the love of God! Please watch the trailer. Share. Get the word out! I, for one, would love watching a reality show about someone real and positive!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Monday {Our New Adventure in Life}

Hello new state, new town, new house and new neighborhood.

Hello unpacking boxes for a week straight. I was getting really tired of you. I'm glad you are almost done.

Hello cool weather and warm hats, scarves and fingerless gloves that are newly listed in The Orange Bird Shop! Everyone needs one this time of year!

Hello being married to a 40 year old. Forty looks good on him!

Hello old friends and new ones.

Hello big smiles on my children's faces when they get to hang out with their "cousins." We will get to see them a lot more being close.

Hello new adventures. An old friend has a plane and invited us to go flying with him. {Hello secret wish to be a pilot. You just grew bigger!}

Hello Doc starting his new job. He is nervous but will be fantastic, as always!

Hello starting school again {once I open the last boxes of school stuff today}.

Hello new life. I like you so far.
{Linking to the amazing Lisa's blog for her Hello Monday series!}